Make and Takes Day 1 with Jones Crafts

A great first day had by all.  Tracey W were your ears burning, there were pictures taken to share with you by your lovely friend above:-)  Our make and take sessions were full all day and loved by all who joined us.  Thank you everyone for coming along.  It was lovely to see new faces and meet up with friends too and Andy, thanks for catching me in one of the pics early doors (above) Here's a few more pics from each of our sessions.
I'm looking forward  to heading back tomorrow for more crafty fun and another classroom session for Candy Box Crafts.   Will catch up again tomorrow eve if you're about :-) 


  1. Good Morning Clare, Great photos as always and so pleased that everything is going well at the show. Take care
    Margaret A.

  2. that looks like fun and great photo's Clare
    Gr Karin

  3. Looks like all went well, look at those happy faces making your beautiful frames!!! You look great in the photo Clare, have a great day today as well and I will check back with you later!!
    Judy in Arizona

  4. Hi Clare, Fabulous piccies of everyone being very industrious and concentrating on their beautiful creations.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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