Colouring with Pencils

Hello my lovelies, boy did we have a storm last night.  It was building up all afternoon, getting blacker and blacker and then boom off we went in the middle of the night lol!!!   Love to watch a good storm and have been know to sleep though them when we used to go camping.  Not these days though.   
Todays card is another for my tabletop collection and coloured with watercolour pencils - no water added though!!  I used of my blue and green Derwent watercolour pencils and varied the pressure slightly to vary the shading.  I love the soft effect you get from the pencils on paper.  
The stamps come form the following sets 
 and pencils from the set of 36 by Derwent
If you're planning a visit to the Lake District, the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick is well worth a visit. We spent many a happy hour in there when the boys were small, did lots of colouring trying out the range of pencils they make and shopped too. Did you know the  Derwent pencils were used to produce the original snowman film 
With the boys out at work I've got a few hours to get started on some projects that are long overdue, so will love you and leave you, thanks for calling by and catch up again shortly :-) C 


  1. Morning Clare, Another beauty !! I so love your stamping and colouring, I love your style. My 'Wish List' is getting longer and longer hahaha. I have some watercolour pencils, I must try your technique.
    Have a lovely day, it is much fresher here today, don't think the weather knows which way to go today !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. The Derwent Pencil Museum sounds like a place I'd love to visit. But... I live across the pond, and it's too far to swim. lol

  3. Cute as always Clare but you just gave me the best idea! My granddaughter is 23 and still loves to color, etc. I am going to get her some watercolor pencils, some cardstock, some stamps or stencils, etc. and that will be her Christmas present!!! I never know what to get her as we don't live close to each other where I would see her more often and know what she is interested in. Oh I am so excited, going to start gathering items now!!!
    Luv, luv, luv ya,
    Judy in Arizona

  4. Lovely card Clare, the colours are beautiful.

  5. Lovely card Clare - very pretty.
    Did'nt know about the Snowman and Derwent pencils
    Lake District is on my 'bucket list' so if I get there before I kick it I will be sure to visit the museum!