Steampunk Debutante is coming back ............:-)

Morning my crafty friends. hope I find you well.  I thought I'd share an album I made when this fabulous paper collection was out first time round.  I love all things Steampunk and mechanical and loved putting this album together.  And now we're going to get a chance to get crafty with these fabulous papers all over again.  The album was made for a blog hop with Art Glitter a couple of years ago....ish, and I think that's when I got totally addicted to the pee wee post of art glitter.  I used loads on this album.  Boy what a mess we were in when I"d finished, everyone was wearing glitter lol!!!  Children not impressed but Andy the elf looked kin of cute :-) I loved how the green gold and brown shades of glitter worked with the papers to make the images pop, especially the amazing lady below:
Here's a few more pics of the mini album. Lots of die cut cogs and layering going on.........

We're taking pre-orders for this Deluxe Collectors edition over in the shop.  If you fancy ordering your set click the link below. 
I'm having a Paperartsy painty inky day today so am off to clear the table of paper ready for a very crafty day.  Enjoy yours, thanks for calling by and look forward to catching up again later in the week :-)   


  1. Morning Clare, I'm already looking forward to seeing your Paper Artsy creations !!
    Like you, I love, love, love, anything Steampunk, I love this paper collection and your album looks fabulous, I'm loving the lady with her 'gears' hair. I have a few of the steampunk stamps too.
    Enjoy your day, we have lots of rain, yuck, yuck and yuck !!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

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  3. Morning Clare Love this collection and can wait till it's in the shops roll on Aug Hugs Sandra xx

  4. Hi Clare, I like your steampunk creations especially the lady with the 'coglike' hair. Brilliant for teenagers, especially, as well as male members of the family. Have a great time crafting and I will probably try to do a birthday card this afternoon after having taken up the bathroom flooring in readiness for the new one tomorrow. Didn;t realise just how many spiders lived underneath the bath panel. Ooooooh! Hugs xx Pauline A

  5. Wow! Amazing piece. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  6. I am not a Steampunk fan actually but if anyone could get me inspired it would be you! Believe it or not I had a request to do a baby album in Steampunk once!! Hardest thing I ever did in my life!!! They actually had a corrugated piece of steel on one wall of his room, pipe and pipe fittings for curtain rods, etc. His Dad worked for the water company here, I even found a flat wooden owl that had small water faucets coming out where his little tufts of feathers would be on the top of his head, and that went on one page!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with using the new papers!!!
    Judy in Arizona

  7. I used to struggle with steampunk, although I do like it, but it definitely has a place in my life now I have a who understands and likes it too. This would definitely be a project with him in mind. Will be buying this issue

    Irene x