Only 20 sleeps 'till Christmas

Christmas Carol Card Clare Charvill Graphic 45
2016 Christmas Card Idea 1
OOPS we've had an operator malfunction lol!!!  I've just gone to write todays post and Tuesdays is still sitting here as a draft.  I'm sure I scheduled it to go live on the 1st!!!!!  so apologies if you've been calling by to see who our November Giveaway winner was.  The post started off Pinch Punch it's the first of the month. Let the Christmas countdown begin :-)  1, 2, 3, 4 have passed us by and today we're at No 5 :-)  Is that just 20 more sleeps 'till Santa squeezes down the chimney?
So best get on and announce our winner of the month. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the post.  I love reading them all but don t reply as it caused complications when counting them. Random.org picked no 55 this month and that comment was left by ..........................  
.....................Pamela Lala it's you :-)  Congratulations.  If you can mail your address to me at mycreativespirituk@gmail.com  I'll get your lantern kit off to you.   
I thought I'd share a quick and easy 6 x 6 christmas card with you that I made from some papers left over from the retreat. 
Here's what you need and how to make it.  

Yuletide Greetings 12 x 12 (one sheet) 
Scrooge & Marley 12 x 12 (one sheet) 
Patterns and Solids - cream (two sheets) 
White 6 x 6 card blank 
One A4 sheet white card
Coordinating ribbon 
Distress Pen to ink paper edges (Peacock Feathers) 

Cut one 5 3/4" square and one 3 1/4" square of Yuletide Greetings paper, matt the smaller one on a 3 3/8" square of white card.  Cut one 5" square of cream patterns and solids and matt on white card. Stick the larger spotty square and cream square in place on the front of your card fold to the left. 
Cut one strip of four stamps from the reverse of the Yuletide Greetings paper, trim to 5 3/4" long, matt on white card and stick to your card front vertically 1" from the left.  Wrap your ribbon around the smaller spotty paper square, tie ends in a bow, put foam pads on reverse and stick piece in place on your card front with 1/2" of the stamp strip showing along left edge. 
Cut one large stamp and the Seasons Greetings sentiment out from Scrooge & Marley paper.  Use a hole punch to create the stamp edging on the stamp. Mount on foam pads and stick in place on the card front under your ribbon bow.  Add the sentiment to finish your card front.  
For the inside of your card trim the second sheet of cream patterns and solids paper to 5 3/4".  Tie a second strip of ribbon around the paper, tie in a bow and then stick the paper in place on the inside of your card.  Cut one 1" x 5 3/4" strip of spotty paper, matt on white card and stick in place on the inner left side of your card and add a small stamp, mounted on foam pads under the ribbon bow to finish. 
Christmas Carol Card by Clare Charvill Graphic 45
After a 5am start, a trip to take Oli to work at 5.30am I'm now waiting in for my new washing machine to be delivered some time between 7.15am and 11.15am.  there's so much to go through it when it arrives I hope the wind that's been blowing a hoolie all night stays around to dry it all.  I hope you've got more exciting things planned for your day, enjoy and look forward to catching up in a couple of days with this months giveaway.:-) 


  1. Hi Clare
    Thanks for your lovely card, so useful to me as i have lots of little stamp pics left over and really did not know how to use them up, well done to Pamela enjoy !
    I really don't envy you waiting in for your washing machine , i dread having to wait in for post , i dare not even go to the loo in case i miss the knock on the door .
    Have a lovely weekend
    Take care
    Elaine H X

    1. Hi Elaine, thanks for calling by the blog and leaving your comment. Great to hear you liked by leftover card. The machine nearly didn't get here but is now in and washing the mountain of clothes that have been piling up. I suggested the boys do their own washing. That didn't happen but Oli did buy himself some new socks !!! Have a great weekend too and catch up again soon. xx

  2. Morning Clare, This card is gorgeous, and made from leftovers, brilliant !! You are so creative and always have brilliant ideas, I am in awe !!
    Well done and congratulations to Pamela, enjoy your goodies, I'm envious haha.
    I was scared stiff last night with the wind so very strong, I couldn't sleep, in the end I found myself holding my hands over my ears to try and shut it out. I had a new cowl put on top of my chimney yesterday, as the original one had blown off earlier in the week, first thing this morning I was out looking at my roof to see if it was still there !!! and it was thankfully.
    I gave my Wisteria a haircut yesterday, I was sick of going out and finding leaves everywhere and it tends to hold onto it's leaves for ages and ages, well now it has had a 'short back and sides' haha, glad I did it yesterday when it was dry as this morning it is back to rain, rain and more rain and wind too, yuck. I'm counting the days until Spring/Summer, I think I must have SAD !!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

    1. Hi Patricia, it was a real scary night here too. So pleased your new chimberly stood up to it. Would have been awful to find it on the floor this morning. I spent an hour from 6am moving furniture this morning so the guys could get in with the washing machine only to be told they would have to cancel delivery as they couldn't get down our road. Scream!!!!!! I managed to get them to go another way and thankfully its now in and two loads are through and on the line. Thank goodness for the warm wind today. As they left I had a quick tidy in the garden too - it looked awfully dead and sad. No rain here yet - fingers crossed the washing dried before it arrives. I've got two weeks of it to get washed this morning. The poor boys have no socks - could be worse I suppose and no pants lol!!! Oh the traumas of being a housewife :-( Enjoy your weekend and catch up again soon. xx

  3. I'm so excited to have won the November giveaway and so very grateful to you, Clare, for your generosity, and to the kind crafters who have offered their congrats, here, on your blog! The card you made is beautiful and inspires me to get going with my Christmas things, especially after reading there are only 20 days left! Thanks again, and blessings to you all this wonderful holiday season!

    1. Hi Pamela, huge congrats to you and many thanks for sending over your address. Your little - well not so little lantern kit is on its way to you. Enjoy the festive season on your side of the pond and catch up again soon xx

  4. Beautiful as always Clare. A lovely card to give to your friends or family. I think I have my shopping all done, now to wrap, make some goodies and enjoy the birthday/Christmas luncheon with my gal friends in the valley next week!!! You are such an inspiration to me Clare and I treasure your friendship. Am wishing you the most happy Christmas and a very prosperous, happy, healthy New Year!!!
    Judy in Arizona

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for calling by the bloglit :-) Hope you had a great time at your crop over the weekend. Great to hear you're ahead of the game with all the Christmas shopping - need to get a real wiggle on here, time seems to be running out!!!! Catch up again soon xxx

  5. Good evening Clare from a VERY blustery and wet South Yorkshire (again). Fortunately we have not experienced the terrible conditions that some people are currently having to go through in other parts of the country and do so hope that things settle down very soon. On a lighter note I love your card and will definitely be stealing this idea with your permission. Congratulations to this month's winner (I'm very jealous) and do hope you enjoy your prize. Take care and stay warm and safe.
    Margaret A.

    1. Hellllllllooooooooo Margaret, so pleased to hear the awful weather hasn't hit your area. Have been listening to all the damage done this morning. Dreadful for all the peeps that are flooded out especially with Christmas almost upon us. Feel free to scrap lift the card idea and have fun crafting away. Stay warm and safe too and catch up again soon xx

  6. Hi Clare ..lol your crafting stalker here ... I am really loving your Blog .. and wow you sound very busy .. I have messaged you on your Face Book page.. not seen you in ages :) Hopeall is well and Im carrying on reading your posts here in Blog land .. Take care Me :)

    1. Morning Markie, thanks for calling by the old bloglit. Yes all's well this end, just been trying to focus on some new creations for next year :-) and keeping off the pc........ Hope alls well with you and AJ, have a great week and catch up with you soon xx

  7. Such a lovely card. You are a very gifted lady.