"Lets Make" Series 4 - A ribbon bound mini album


My "lets Make" series 4 is now on my You Tube channel and takes you through how to make a ribbon bound mini album from card.  I used this technique to make the album in my on the board walk mini album in a chest for my featured artist slot on Graphic 45 's blog on Monday 19th December.

Happy crafting everyone :-) C


  1. Hi there,
    Have been watching your videos for a few weeks and thought it would be nice of me (finally!!) to write you a comment and thank you for your great videos. I've learnt (learned??) so much and love all your techniques. Watching you make these mini albums helps me so much as I really don't 'get it' when I read tutorials. So please keep up the great work and again, thank you so much for taking the time to make these wonderful videos.

  2. Hi Claire
    the new projects you have done for Graphic45 look just great
    We will be at the NEC march 22nd - 25th - let me know if you can join us

  3. Hi Clare. I didnt realise you had a blog too...though I should have! Silly me. Im now a followers. Lee (CraftyLoops on YT too) xx

  4. Hi Claire, I just saw your work at G45 and had to come right to your site... I am your newest follower and admirer! Your work is amazing and very unique and creative... I think I can and will learn a lot from you!
    Crafty Holiday Hugs,

  5. I just found you through Graphic45 who I absolutely adore too. I have a small Crafting Business and I mean small!

    BUT!!! you are not going to beleive this! I just watched your YouTube Video and couldnt beleive it when you said your Sons were called Oliver and Harry!! So are mine!

    My eldest is Oliver (27) he has a mild form of Autism and Harry is 17 and is a VERY mad golfer:)

    Please dont tell me they are Oliver William and Harry Jack because they would be just too strange.

    Adore your work with Graphic45, wsh I had more time to craft:( I have promised myself for next year though!
    Michelle x

  6. Thank you for the video. I know I will be watching it again because I'll want to make your cute little mini mini. Love all your Graphic 45 projects. Welcome to their fab team.

  7. Brilliant!! I just subscribed to your videos on You Tube and watched you 17 part vid on the Primer album! Gorgeous! And wish I had seen this video on how you put together [bind] your albums like this!! What a huge help and I also emailed the YouTube vid to myself to watch over and over!! Thank you for being so instructive and fun to watch!! xo Pam

  8. Lovely book! But, could you please speak up Thank you