To Lands End and beyond....... well almost!!!

I never tire of this view out from Falmouth harbour (3rd deepest in the world) 
there's always lots going on 
After a really busy week, a trip to Birmingham for an MRI scan on my pesky hip, and my first Graphic 45 workshop I hopped (quite literally) into the car and headed off to Falmouth, Cornwall this morning to spend a few days with my sister by the sea....... 22 miles short of Lands End. 
There really is nothing like this part of the country, rugged, windswept and beautiful what ever the weather.  Amazingly the sun followed me down, so it looks like we're in for a nice few days. Might even hop off to the Eden Project.  
  Cudden Point overlooking St Michaels Mount 


  1. Hope you enjoy your trip Clare - I envy you - Cornwall is my favourite destination - and living now on an island - its not so easy for us to visit as we used to! Am loving the workshop I am taking (online) so thanks for offering the classes.

  2. Fab photos Claire - daughter is looking at Falmouth Uni as one of her options - got an open day to go to in September to have a look round - not sure I want her to go sooooo far away from home but it will be her decision once we've done the rounds.

  3. Hi Tam, thanks for stopping by my blog. Its a great place for students, and both Uni and College have a really good reputation. It is a long way but lovely to be by the sea. Inspires creativity :-) ..... well I'm hoping so!!!! will wait and see on that one :-) Enjoy your trip down.

  4. Какая красота) Даже это выражение не высказывает все мои эмоции.

  5. Beautiful! I'm reading a murder mystery by Tara French - it's set in Dublin - makes me want to come back for a visit and see more of the Isles; we only stayed in Dublin, our son was playing croquet!