Olympic Fever

I think every one here would agree that the whole country was gripped by Olympic fever.  We certainly were.  The boys took a trip down to the east end and had a great time watching the athletics. They were  completely wowed by the size of the stadium, and the noise of every one cheering Mo Farah on to win.  Way to go Mo.
It's a real rarity these days to get a picture of my little darlings together but here they are feeling the heat of the Olympic flames some 20 metres away from their seats. 

A day they will always remember


  1. Hiya Clare.
    I don't know if you got my E Mail. I sent you one after the Sunday Scrappers Show, I did send one into the show too, but they were having problems and I am not on Facebook.
    You were great on C&C and the Teresa Collins products were gorgeous. I love your sytle, just me, and I saw yor boys photo that day. Hope the Olympics were good, I loved every minute of it.
    Lovely to see you on tv again.

  2. Handsome boys Clare! My Hubby & I are down in Warwickshire this weekend for the Gaydon BMW Show. I will be paying a second visit to Pink Tulip Creations. I paid my first visit in July on the way to Silverstone(another car show!;-). What a welcome we received, & what an Aladdin's cave the shop is! Thank you for recommending it.

    Take care
    Linda Jones

  3. That is just so COOL!!!! A memory that will last forever! Our boys are 22, 23, and 24. You picture was so touching because you got me thinking that I don't know when I will have two much less all three of them together. Life is a treasure.