Not just a doodle!!!!!

I had no idea there was a national doodle day, celebrated this year on Feb 8th 2013.  

I'm sure like me you've doodled in your time, when you've had a pen in your hand and paper in front of you.  Maybe when you ve been on the phone, in a meeting you've drawn stars, lines, circles, squiggles, hearts...... I've done them all but have you ever doodled something as totally amazing as the doodles below.  I've been a blog follower of Mark, The Male Crafter for a while and love his crafting style.  But when he loaded up his doodles below I was was so totally blown away I wanted to share them with you all.  Go check out his blog and leave him a comment or two :-)

Zen - by Mark Perry The Male Crafter 

Eye - by Mark Perry The Male Crafter

Doodle by Mark Perry The Male Crafter

Can't wait to see more of Marks doodles :-)  Totally shamazing !!!!!!


  1. Morning Clare, I just popped across to leave a comment for Mark, these doodle cards are superb, I love them, although I have to admit if I doodle, it is nothing like this ha ha.

    I private messaged you on Facebook the other day, I am either going bonkers or something, I watched a video with the Graphic 45 papers and you were altering a beautiful MDF Man antique Money Box, and now I CAN'T FIND THE VIDEO again, can you help, please !! I picked up a money box (not a beautifully shaped one like you did, they had discontinued those) from the MDF Man at the Manchester Show the other week, and now I can't find the video I viewed !!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. What fun, really nice doodling.
    I also doodle but on porcelain :)


  3. Thank you Clare, I went red when I read this lol Im not used to receiving comments like this ..Hugs Mark.

  4. I just went to his site amazing stuff thanks for the referral