Missing you already H

Its always a bit strange when the children go away on their own, but I managed to catch a glimpse of Harry standing in front of the webcam at Bahnhof Kleine station below the Eiger, Switzerland at 1pm today sending me a text telling me he was there.  It's not very clear but its definitely him.  I'd regognise that stance anywhere lol! 

  Isn't technology amazing lol! 


  1. Hi Clare! I would not have survived the last 7 years without cell phones! Since my now 23 year old moved out on her own it was my only means to keep close track of her!lol Thank goodness she never blocked me!! How great that you actually get to see your son standing safely at his destination. Now you can relax (a little!). Still watching all your videos - in my mind you are the "QUEEN" of mini albums - love them ALL!

    Have a great week
    Sincerely, Jeannette

    1. Hi Jeanette, lovely to hear from you. He told me he'd be there at 1pm which is when the webcam takes a picture and updates on the website. Amazingly a train had just passed in front of him and he didn't think he'd be in the shot but surprise, surprise it did :-) Great to hear your still inspired by my projects. Happy crafitn and have a great week too Bw Clare

  2. I know this view so well, I have visited this beautiful part of the world quite a few times, did not expect to see it pop up on a craft blog. Hope Harry is having a great time, going up onto the Jungfrau is pretty awesome and that isn't a word I often use!! Technology is amazing isn't it! Elaine x

  3. Hi Elaine, lovely to hear from you. I posted the pic on the blog so Harry could go on the net and see it. He said it was definitely him which made me laugh, I knew it was as soon as I saw him. He was at the restaurant for lunch and then off to snow board the runs with his friends rather than climb up the mountain. It does look truly awesome even though it's hiding behind the clouds.
    Clare xx

  4. How fun is this! My son in law did that once when he went to the coast. It's always so funny to see them on the other side of the cam. How long is he gone? Hard to see them grow up isn't it Mom??

  5. Hi Patti, he's away for 10 days, back Sunday. I totally agree, its funny to see him standing there. They don t stay small long, and he's my baby lol!! Spoke to him yesterday, theres loads of snow and he's been snowboarding most days which he loves with all his friends., and having a ball. Hope alls going well with you. Not long to wait now :-) xx