Are we really THAT old!!!

Is coming to the Ricoh Stadium Coventry
A couple of years ago we were on the famous open top London bus tour when at 7pm prompt the bus ground to a halt, the driver got out and told all of us passengers that we'd have to get off as he'd finished for the day. It was really odd but we did as he asked along with about 50 foreign tourists who were all really confused.  The driver had stopped outside Hyde Park and who should be playing but Bruce Springstein.  How fluky, Andy is one of his biggest fans so we stood for a while and listened before wandering off to grab some dinner.   He's always wanted to see him but never thought he would so hearing him was a second best. 
At the weekend Andy happened to mention that Brucie was coming to the Ricoh, Coventry on his World Tour this week, and one of the guys was going from work.  Little did he know I'd booked tickets for us both to go on Thursday.  Whoooopeeee!!!  REally excited we told the children.  They said WHO's THAT!!!!!     
Are we really that old lol!!!!  Anyway we're really looking forward to 4 solid hours of Brucy babe (The Boss)!!! 


  1. Morning Clare, Wow, I am so jealous !! I love Bruce Springsteen too, have a brilliant time when you see him tomorrow.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. So jealous! Love the Boss!

  3. Is that a new Stadium in Coventry? My husband and I used to live there more then 10 years ago and we don't remember such a arena. Have fun!