All dressed up and off to the Prom

Morning everyone, hope your enjoying a Sunday lie in.  I managed to catch a really rare moment with both my beans together and smiling on Friday eve before H headed off to his Prom, all dressed up with shoes to match too :-) Definitely one for an album.
We had a great class at Daisy's yesterday. altering our boxes with Come Away with Me papers, which you can see being cut into around the tables. thank you ladies for coming along and to Wendy & Jeff too.

Lovely to see the crop ladies again too. Here they are working on their layouts.  

Mel was celebrating her Birthday yesterday, and here's Wendy( caught on camera with no where to run to) with her Birthday Cake which was deeeee licious! Hope you enjoyed your day Mel.  
 and here's some of our ladies with their finished projects. 

It's a quick shower for me and off down to Wantage to see Wendy and her ladies at The stamp Attic for a vintage Nursery Rhymed themed day Mother Goose style.  Will share some pics with you later in the week. 
Have a lovely day yourself, thanks for calling by and catch up again soon :-)


  1. Harry you are a handsome man, Ollie too!!! Love the bow tie and the shoe laces!!!! Hope he had a great time. Love the pictures of the class, I would be broke if I was there because I would want to take all the classes you were teaching!!! Take care, talk to you soon.

    1. Morning Judy, or evening your side of the pond, either your up late or I'm up early lol!!! He looked lovely didn't he. I'm just off out to teach but will catch up on FB with you later on all your news etc. Enjoy your snooze lol!! xxx hugs C

  2. Very good looking young men! I know you are so proud of them. Love the "Harry Potter-ish shoes"!! Way too cool!!!

  3. Such a handsome young man! The tux looks awesome and I love those shoes! Looks like you all had a great time too. Hugs, Robin

  4. Afternoon Clare, I have just finished watching the most 'nail-biting' tennis match, and now seeing Harry and Olli's piccie, they look absolutely fabulous, and all the lovely ladies with their fabulous 'makes', what a fantastic day this has been, thank you for 'sharing'.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Love the shoes. You have two handsome young men there. Really enjoyed the day, looking forward to the next one. Be in touch soon to arrange another 'play day'.

  6. Good evening Clare, WOW! Love those shoes! I have to agree with Jane above you have two very handsome young men there. Do so hope that H had a great prom night - how I wish we had prom nights way back in the "dark ages". Loved seeing the workshop photos and as per usual everyone looks as if they were having a great time. I have to say I'm really looking forward to your one day with us up here in Sheffield in August - can't wait to see what you have in store for us all! Thanks for sharing your photos and I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. Take care
    Margaret A.

  7. My, what handsome young men!! And a picture of those shoes have GOT to be in an album, lol! They are wonderful! Hope he had a wonderful time! Neat to see the ladies enjoying their scrapping day. I'm looking forward with great anticipation when you come across the pond and we all get to play with you! Huggos and stuffins! Ruth Ann xoxox

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