Crafting drekly with the Mullion Maids......!

Hello and happy Sunday to you. We've had a great few days travelling south, a surprise stay at the Mullion Cove Hotel and a day of crafting with Margaret and her maids at Mullion making a By the Sea themed Chest and Mini Album.  Jokes were flying and we laughed from 10 - 5 ish. How we got any crafting done is a complete mystery but amazingly we did Here we all are:

I see no ships ............!  Is that you Margaret behind those X Ray specs :-) 

Thank you Margaret for being the hostess with the mostest and more lol!!!! and thank you ladies for coming along and making the day one of the best :-) I always love to see you all. 
We're having a few days on the English Riviera.  I haven t been here since I was seven or eight.  We had a rowdy day yesterday at the Fishstock Festival in Brixham, wow what a great event, amazing food and live music in support of the fisherman's Mission and today I think its Dartington Glass and Dartmouth.  Enjoy your Sunday and look forward to catching up again soon :-) C


  1. Wow, I love your box, and I'm dead envious of that great shop and the workshop. I have no access to any shop like that, and no crafting workshops either, they all look as if they are really enjoying themselves.

  2. this looks great and fab Clare, fab photo's
    Gr Karin

  3. Hope the weather is being kind to you whilst you enjoy the English Riviera.

    What a super project and everyone seems to be having a wonderful time.

    Toni xx

  4. A fun place to be it looks like Clare!!! I am attending a 3 day Scrapbooking/Altered Art retreat right around the corner from my house!!!! This is the last day and I am tired but it's a good tired!! I love this little treasure box, etc. you have created and the ladies seem to like it too!!!!! Have a good time on your extended weekend jaunt and I will catch up with you later!!! Happy crafting UK ladies!!

  5. I so love reading your descriptions of where you've gone and who you were with. As much as I appreciate my life here in the USA, I am a bit disappointed that we have managed to alter how the English language is used. We get our message across, but you do it with style and a wonderful humor that is contained within the very words of the English culture and society. Keep on posting! Your YouTube minis drew me into crafting with paper...thank you!

  6. It certainly was a fun day Clare, fantastic projects and a wonderful shop to work in. Looking forward to taking another workshop with you there next year. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay in the South West.