Just home........

Evening everyone. I'm just home from an amazingly crafty weekend at SirStampalot, Peterborough and thought I'd write a quick post before I sit down and glue myself to the telly for an hour of Downton Abbey, the first of the new series. 
Thank you to everyone who came along to the demo day yesterday, it was great to see you al and hope you went away inspired to cut into all the papers you bought, after stroking and smelling them of course.

Today was workshop day.  We started off in true Costa Coffee style, thanks Donna for picking up the orders.  Did Janice and Andy share one? 

And then we stuck, painted and snipped our projects into shape around some shopping breaks lol!  Here's a few pics of the little cabinets coming to life.  

Huge thanks Janice and Andy for their warm welcome and hospitality over the weekend.  Look forward to being with you again on 2nd November and 20th December for more G45 craftiness :) 

Its creeping towards 9pm here so I'll have to get gone, grab a coffee and snuggle on the settee, so thanks for calling by enjoy Downton if you're watching it, and look forward to attaching up again later in the week :-)  Oh, the coat was still in the shop in Salcombe on Wednesday and is now home in my wardrobe ready to trip out in.  I was definitely meant to buy it lol!!!  ttfn......


  1. Good evening Clare, Great photographs and as always everyone looks as if they have had a great day. I too had intended to watch DA from the comfort of our sofa in the lounge but sadly my OH's favourite Italian football team Inter were playing and since that started earlier he called "dibs". Drat! No probs I ended up watching it in one of the spare rooms so all's well! Glad to read your shopping spree was successful. Take care
    Margaret A..

  2. Thanks for the pics. I'm jealous! We haven't gotten the new Downton Abbey yet, and I can hardly wait 'til we do! We sit in suspended animation for the whole show. :-)

  3. beautiful photo's and gorgeous boxes Clare.
    Gr Karin

  4. Looks like a great day at Peterborough, lots of fun

  5. Morning Clare, Hope you enjoyed Downton, I certainly did, although I was starting to 'nod' towards 10.30, we are usually going to bed at 10pm haha. It was certainly a jam packed episode, don't you think.
    Lovely, lovely piccies today of your workshops at Sir Stampalot, everyone proudly showing their creations.
    So glad to hear that your coat was still waiting for you in the shop !! you were definitely meant to have it.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Lucky lady you, Downton doesn't start in the U.S. for a couple of weeks. Lovely little cabinet. Good job ladies.
    Thanks, Jess

  7. I love reading your posts Clare! You certainly are busy! Looking forward to seeing Downton I had to go out yesterday but got it recorded. Love the cabinets ladies XX

  8. I've got one of those kits to make the box - just never got around to decorating it. Now I see that I really must paint it black first, which makes covering it easier, as I wouldn't have to get the paper to fold around the edges. Thank you for posting the pics, it looks as if they all had a great time.