Look who bumped into us ...............!

I had to share these gorgeous guys with you.  We met them yesterday at the local Festival in Brixham.  They were really loud, very chatty and really photogenic :-)   Loved the arts and crafts at the show to.  Here's one or two pics taken as we wondered about. 
This display of fish caught around our shores caught our eye, and we stopped for a while to talk about some of the fish on display.  The blue shark was caught in Newlyn waters.   
Fancy a kiss xxx 
There was a huge crowd around the guys from the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Association as they shared some fascinating facts about crabs and lobsters.   

We're going to have a mooch aboard the Golden Hinde tomorrow.  one of a number of  replicas of the ship Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world in back in 1577-80.  This one's moored in Brixham harbour just around the corner from our cottage, and maybe take in the Agatha Christie experience at Greenway House.  

Enjoy your day and catch up again soon :-)  


  1. Morning Clare, Fabulous piccies, now these are the kind of snails that I 'like', these wouldn't eat all my luscious plants haha.
    So glad your workshops went well as the piccies have shown.
    Sounds like you are having a lovely holiday break, enjoy.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  2. Great pics, thanks for sharing - it's years and years since I went to Brixham, but I haven't forgotten it. Those replica ships are amazing too - fancy going all the distances they did, in that little ship.

  3. Fabulous photos Clare. We love our family holidays in Brixham, there is always something interesting to see. The Golden Hind is a family favourite, enjoy x