A lovely surprise and a gift for a friend............

Time To Flourish Photo Box 5 Clare Charvill Graphic 45
Hope you're week's going well.  With all but one workshop left to teach the year I've been having a relaxing week busying about finishing off one or two projects and making new ones for Graphic 45 which is always great fun. 
I'd arranged to meet up with some crafty friends this morning or so I thought.  We'd chatted on FB arranged a place and time to meet and off I headed for our 10.30 rendezvous.  I have to admit (now this may be an over 50 thing) but it wasn't until I saw Suzanne drive into the car park with Angie that the penny dropped and I realised I was actually meeting up with some very dear friends I haven't seen for well over 7 years.   Angela and I used to work together and had lost touch until Suzanne found me on Facebook  Squeal or what, and hugs all round.  It was lovely to sit and catch up on all the news, some sad and some happy over coffee, hot chocolate and toasted tea cakes.  I still can't believe we've met up after so long and we'll definitely catch up again after Christmas.  Hugs to Ali too who couldn't join us. We got to see real reindeer's too and lots of little children arriving to visit Santa in the grotto.  They were sooooooooo excited.
Angie & Suzanne
My project today is another made from the gorgeous Time to Flourish collection.  I love all the papers but chose the November papers, patterns and solids and some Spruce card stock to make this little photo box to frame a special photo of a lovely lady.  This ones for you Ruth-Ann to say thank you for following me, I think right from my early days on You Tube.  I hope you like and it reached you before Christmas.   
Time To Flourish Photo Box 1 Clare Charvill Graphic 45
Time To Flourish Photo Box 2 Clare Charvill Graphic 45Time To Flourish Photo Box 3 Clare Charvill Graphic 45
Time To Flourish Photo Box 4 Clare Charvill Graphic 45

It's Handmade Gifts all this month on the Graphic 45 blog.  
The design team members and Ambassadors are sharing their handmade Christmas gift ideas from Monday this week. Here's the link if you haven't taken a peek yet. I love what's been shared so far.

Well that's all from me for today.  I'm off to pick Harry up from College, pick up some mince and make a spag bol for tea.  Thanks for calling by, enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to catching up again soon :-)  


  1. Pretty pretty as always Clare!! I am trying to rest up after my exhausting weekend. Am cutting out some things to make my Christmas cards with, should be fun!!!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas and I am patiently (or unpatiently) waiting for a new video from you!!! Love,
    Judy in Arizona

  2. I know I said thank you on FB, but just had to put it again here. Thanks so much from the depths of my heart for making this for me. I was totally stunned this morning when I saw the news. It will be treasured. I look forward to many more hours "with you" in my crafting corner as I forge on making new projects and ideas that flow from the Creative Spirit workshop! God bless you for blessing me so kindly. Hugs and .... Merry Christmas, sweet friend! Ruth Ann, xoxox

  3. Some gorgeous things and lovely ideas - all I need is the time!!

  4. Love this one. Attractive and memorable gift forever. :)