Just for Karen

Well another week has passed us by.  It's been lovely here, sun shining all week - lovely. I've been out and about and got to  potter  about in the garden planting seeds too.  I keep checking to see if they're coming up yet - ever the impatient gardener.  For the first time I've put copper bands around my hosta pots.  I've had enough of the slugs that seem to home in on my little garden from miles around and eat them every year so am hoping copper bands are the answer :-)  Will wait and see - with the salt pot at the ready. 

I wanted to share the lovely cards Karen made for the Create and Craft shows last week with you today and also to with her all the best when she joins the thousands of runners taking part in this years London marathon.  Here she is with her official number so if you're watching do cheer her on if she runs past.  

I'm heading over to Sirstampalot in Peterborough and joining Janice and Andy for a Graphic 45 demo day tomorrow and workshop on Sunday.  If your\re able to call by the shop tomorrow I"d love to see you. :-) 
Just thought of a couple more things to my bags so have an enjoyable weekend, good luck to Karen and all who're running in the marathon, and look forward to catching up again soon :-) 


  1. Karen made some beautiful cards. So sweet. Hope she does well in the marathon! :) xo

  2. Meet Karen at Birds In The Barn, Colchester, what a special lady, Good Luck Karen xx