Altered Gift Caddy s by Nicky

ABC Primer Altered Gift Caddy by Nicky 
Happy Tuesday to you.  Is it a back to work kind of a day or a just getting on with the jobs one.  Mines a bit of both here :-)
A little while ago one of my lovely customers, Nicky bought a couple of gift caddy kits from me and turned them into fabulous home made lemonade kits for her children to give to their teachers at the end of term.  Altered in papers from the ABC Primer collection she really did make the perfect gifts.  they really were the perfect gifts for the summer break.  Before wrapping them up Nicky added a homemade lemonade kit made up from a small kilner jar of caster sugar, a wooden lemon reamer, an old fashioned school milk bottle, four lemons and a recipe card. Boys I hope you enjoyed giving them to your teachers. 

Our gift caddy are really versatile and with Christmas coming up would make perfect hampers.  Here's the link to them over in the shop 
Well its onwards and upwards for me, off to the post office and then back to create another project before tea time lol!!! Heres hoping ...... enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to catching up again and announcing our August giveaway later in the week 


  1. Oh how cute this is Clare and what a good idea that Nicky came up with and thoughtful too!!! I bet her children's teachers were very glad they had such a crafty mum!!! See what you inspire in us Clare!!! As you say Christmas is coming quicker than we think and these would make fabulous gifts filled with all kinds of things that person loves!!! Candies, bath salts, snacks, etc. Hmmm maybe I better get thinking about this!!
    Luv, luv, luv ya and your inspiration Clare,
    Judy in Arizona

  2. How cute!! Wonderful idea! I agree with Judy. Better get thinking about this for sure. Very sweet. Hugs, Ruth Ann xo

  3. What a fantastic idea! love it, thanks for sharing x

  4. Morning Clare, Wow, what a fabulous idea of Nicky's and they would have been gratefully received by the teachers too ideal for the ABC Primer collection.
    Nooooooooooooooo !! I don't want to even think about the 'C' word yet hahahaha.
    Enjoy your day.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. The gift caddy looks great - what a good idea from Nicky - I'm sure the teachers were delighted.
    Something to bear in mind for the future - (not for teachers though, even my grandchildren are too old for those now :-(

  6. Fabulous caddy! Creative Blessings, Tracy x