Sharing some new projects....

Voyage Beneath the Sea Altered boxes and Photo Frames by My Creative Spirit Graphic 45
Altered This N' That Boxes and Photo Frame set 
Hello my crafty friends.  I can't believe it's been a week since I grabbed a coffee and sat down to blog. I've tried to take some time out to catch up on myself, create a couple of new projects for Graphic 45 to be shared next month, tidy up the web site stock, do the accounts and a whole host of other things that all of a sudden needed to be done. Sometimes I wish there was more than one of me so I could get everything done in a normal working day - but sadly there isn't lol. 
The warm weather has bought visitors.  Next door is being rewired and the lovely workmen have had the radio blaring and all doors and windows open.  Mine have been shut tight as I've tried to work. There have been some feathered comings and goings in the front garden for a week or and now much to my horror we have a nest, eggs and perky birds taking turns to sit in our lovely ceanothus bush right outside the front window.  
Much as I'd like to get out and trim back the hedge next to it I'm thinking I might set off a scene from the Birds ......  so trimming has to wait for at least a month for the pesky birds to have their family and get gone.  Harry says I'm too nice and should just rid.   
Anyway, I've finally uploaded three new project sheets onto the web site.  The first is for the 6 x 6 Enchanted Forest Album, a lovely little album decorated in jewel coloured papers. 
The second is the Event Organiser, File Folder and Organiser altered in the sea coloured papers from the Voyage Beneath the Sea collection by ....... guess who Graphic 45 :-)  

and the third is the file folder and organiser from this set as a separate project sheet. 
All are available in the project section of our website.  

Full kits for everything you need to make the whole project are also available on the website - just click here. 
May Giveaway
If you fancy taking part in this months giveaway, just follow the link here and leave your comment before midnight on 31st May. 
I"m off to go peep on those pesky pigeons lol 

so have a great rest of your day/eve all and I look forward to catching up with you again very soon....... :-) C 


  1. Love the file folder and organiser Clare, Graphic 45 papers are lovely,Good Luck with those pesky pigeons .
    Elaine H X

  2. Beautiful as always Clare!
    Judy in Arizona

  3. I love your work Clare, so inspirational!
    All the best

  4. Hi Clare. Fabulous new projects, and all your samples are, as always, stunning !!
    I am so glad you are leaving your pruning until Mum, Dad, and Babies have 'fled the nest' I think that part of nature is fascinating. We have a nest in our large shrub which grows up the side of the pergola in the corner of our back garden, and I have had to keep my cat away while the Mr & Mrs Blackbird have been rearing their young, Lizzie (my cat) went to jump the fence behind the pergola a few weeks ago and the racket Mr & Mrs were making at each side of the fence, both with beaks full of worms to feed their young, so have kept Lizzie going round the front instead, now they have moved their fledglings to a lower nest, so Lizzie now has her back garden back, that is until they 'mate' again later in the year haha. I love this part of nature, it fascinates me.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  5. Good evening Clare. We too have birds nesting in our gardens but our problem at the moment are marauding Magpies, Sparrow Hawks and, for the first time ever, huge Crows! I know they have to feed their young but I’ll be blowed if they get any of our little ones. Whenever they come anywhere near our gardens my OH and I are like screaming banshees - making as much noise as possible. God knows what the neighbours must think! Anyhoo….I love your latest projects - thank you so much for sharing. Take care
    Margaret A.