Happy New Year for 2017

Morning, and a very Happy New Year to you.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a whizz bang fizz of a time seeing in 2017.  We had a wonderful time here with the family on Christmas Day, one of the best for years, but before the day was out I'd gone down with a killer cold or some sort of lurgy that has totally knocked me for six over the past few days. I think it was an extra little present from Harry who came home from Uni with one mahusive cold...........! I'm just about back on my feet today but have been totally out of action for the last few, I just need it to leave my head and I'll be right as reign again and ready for the new year ahead:-)  
I've just added a new folio album onto the website that I'd hoped to share before Christmas but time just seemed to run away with itself :-).  It's been a while since I made one of these and really enjoyed getting back into the swing of them with this one altered in papers form the Nature Sketchbook collection.  They're designed to be altered in one 8 x 8 paper pad and make a great project if you're new to crafting.  
I added some patterns and solids papers into the mix of beautiful butterflies and botanicals to create extra tags and photo mats and complete the festival of flora and fauna that the collection offers us to craft with........... 
Here's a peek of the inside:

Well my loverlies, enjoy your 1st day of 2017, and getting into the swing of your New Years resolutions if you've made some.  I'll be back with this months Giveaway on 3rd Jan so do call on by then and leave a coment:-) 
Ta ta for now :-) C x


  1. So sorry to read that you have been unwell. Happy new year. What a fabulous project to kick off 2017 with xx

  2. Happy New Year Clare.
    So pleased you are now on the mend from being poorly.
    Beautiful Album and those papers are just WOW , loving your work and a big thank you for all your inspiration.
    Elaine H X

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. I have also been struck down by nasty cold bug. Some days I've felt fine and them Wham! it's back with a vengeance, but I'll carry on regardless. Love the album and papers, each collection just seems to be better than the last. Kath x

  4. Happy New Year Clare! I just figured you were enjoying your family and having fun!! Sorry to hear you have been ill. Get well fast and I look forward to 2017 and all your inspiration to us, your loyal fans!!!! Take care, talk to you soon.


  5. Get well soon, sweetie! Big hugs to you from across the pond! And happy 2017! May it be prosperous and filled with love and joy. xoxox

  6. This must be virus that likes to travel...many USA residents in my area have that same nasty illness. So glad to read that you've come through the worst days. New Year blessings to all!

  7. Morning Clare, Happy New Year to All, and I hope that 2017 is kind to you.
    You poor things, I can commiserate with you, I've had a hacking cough for 5 weeks now, but at last it isn't keeping me awake, thankfully, now. I hope you are back to normal really soon.
    A fabulous folio album, truly beautiful.
    I've had internet problems again, it has been a grrrrrrr few days haha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx