A Gorgeous Album by Margaret

hellloooooooo there.  I'm not sure if you caught the post and pics I shared a few posts ago of Donna, Cheryl and Anne crafting away on their Event Organiser Kits but a lovely crafty friend Margaret, Yorkshire did and, inspired by what she'd seen sent me in pictures of her stunning Mon Amour Post Bound album for me to share with you all.  Made for her sister and her husband the album was part of their Christmas Stocking. They were thrilled with Margarets gorgeous gift.  I  love how the pages pop off the black backing.  Just beautiful Margaret. Here's a few more pictures. 
Margaret used our Post Bound Album kit to make her album, available from our website.  Here's the link if you'd like to make one yourself. 
Post Bound Album Kit 
If you've purchased our kits and would like to share pictures of your finished project(s) with us please email your photos in to me at mycreativespirituk@gmail.com. 
I've got a Victoria Sponge in the oven so I'd best go see how it's doing before we have a disaster on our hands lol! Enjoy the rest of your day, thanks for calling by and look forward to catching up again soon :-) Cx


  1. This Album is sooo beautiful,loving the papers and pockets inside .
    Great Work Margaret.
    Elaine H X

  2. Morning Clare, Wow !! Margaret, your album is gorgeous and loving your paper choices.
    I hope your Victoria Sponge turned out well, I was trying to multi-task again this morning so in a rush !! I had made a blackcurrant pie for after tea tonight, the oven 'pinged' I rushed to take out of oven, was holding in one hand with oven gloves on, to use my my other hand to test the top of the pie to see if it was done enough, and the blackcurrent juice poured out onto my oven gloves, then onto the teatowel that was hanging on the oven and all down the regulator knobs, grrrrrrrr, hahaha, I put the fabrics into a Vanish Gold and water solution (thinking why on earth am I bothering to do this, blackcurrant juice will not come out), I went to look at the fabrics half an hour later and voila it had all gone, woweeeee, now they're in the washer - phew that was close hahaha.
    Enjoy your day, I'm getting ready to take my Linedance class this afternoon, and I have arranged for the class to have 'Afternoon Tea' at 2pm, so everyone will be having a great time, while I'm fussing around them like a Mother Hen hahaha.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Love this album! I am reminded of your beautiful Mon Amour album featuring the black and cream paper, embellished with multiple fussy cut roses from the collection...such a lovely combination! I am so pleased to have found a source for multiple sheets of the same 2 prints! Clare, I so admire your artistic talents and skills at choosing the perfect combinations of G45 papers! I'm off to create!

  4. Margaret what a lovely gift you gave your sister and her husband. The album is just beautiful you did a fabulous job!!! Thanks Clare for putting it on here, it really is pretty!!

  5. Love it!! You did a wonderful job!