Hand Made gifts at Christmas

Oliver & Harry Charvill playing Chess Graphic 45
Oliver & Harry playing chess 
Morning everyone and Happy Christmas to you from us all.  I hope you had a truly festive time with your loved ones.  Sadly my little sis and uncle were both in hospital over the Christmas period, so Annie and Uncle Russ, we're sending you both all our love and get well soon wishes. 
Each of the kiddy winkies had a hand made gift in with their presents this year. Sophie had a sewing Kit for her new house, Harry had Othello to take back to Uni with him and Oliver had his Compendium of Games with a special little note inside from Mum.  I was really overwhelmed to see tears in his eyes when he opened it.  There really is something very special about giving hand made gifts as presents.  
I used my Mini Games Box Kit minus the boards and one divider for Sophie's sewing kit going vintage Graphic 45 with papers from the Magic of Oz collection. The Dorothy, Toto and 'There's no place like home' picture was just perfect for the lid. 
 The full Mini Games Box Kit for Harry's Othello - altered in papers from the Master Detective Collection by G45.
and here's the same kit altered in papers from the Fairie Dust collection.  There kit comes with instructions on how to assemble the box, make the game and how to play too - thanks to Auntie Annie who wrote the instructions💗💗💗💗.  

And last but not least I used the Compendium of Games Kit for Oli's mahusive box of games.  
Compendium of Games
 After wiping the floor with me during a very quick game, Harry sat down with Oli for a very long and tactical game of chess, and eventually beat him too.   

Oli & Harry Charvill Compendium of Games Graphic 45
Definitely a picture to scrapbook for their albums......... xx 
Well my lovelies, I'm off to finish a new Photo Folio today so hope to share that with you in my next post.  Have a great rest of your day, thanks for calling by and Happy Christmas to you all 


  1. Merry Christmas Clare to you and your family....love the pics and videos xx

    1. Merry Christmas Gail. Thanks for calling by. Hope all went as well as it could over Christmas for you xx

  2. What wonderful and inventive gifts for precious ones! Happy New Year to you and your family. Many hugs and loves to you from across the pond!! xoxo

    1. Hi Ruth Ann, thanks for calling by. Merry Christmas to you too. Sending hugs back to you from across the pond xxx

  3. Wow Clare what a lovely thing to make for Sophie and the boys. I know over the years it will mean much more to them!! Hope you had a Happy Christmas, my son and daughter in law were able to come up for the holidays so that was good!! I wish you much success for 2018, always health and happiness!! Take care my friend!

  4. Oh my goodness so hard to see how much they’ve changed over the years since we first met. I’m so glad you had Holiday with them. Hoping the others are well now and home from the hospital.

  5. Hi Clare, Happy Christmas to you and yours too, so glad you all had a fabulous time. Woweeeeee your handmade presents are stunning Clare, I am so looking forward to the videos.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  6. Hi Clare, firstly, do so hope your sister and uncle are feeling much better. I loved reading your post and how good to see what fine young men your boys have grown into. You must be so proud. Sending you, your family and all your blog followers my very best wishes for 2018. Take care.
    Margaret A.

  7. Hi Clare
    So sorry your sister and uncle were not home for Christmas ,i do hope they will be home and well soon.
    Beautiful gifts Clare i love every one { cor two good looking hunks you have there },,,,,,,Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year .

    Elaine H X