Lets Get Journaling ..........

Dyan Reveleys Dyalog Annie Moseley

Evening everyone, how's your week been?  Good I hope. Mine's been busy doing everything but crafting, but my little sis, who say's she's definitely not a crafter has been having a real inky stampy week, setting up her aid to loosing weight using Dyan Reaveley's Dyalog System.  So over to you Annie ................ 
This is definitely work in progress but here's where I've got to so far: 
Step 1 - I created a calendar at the front of the book.  Split into two half years it's there for reference.  I love the Small Holes stencil and used Distress Oxides to give the rainbow effect across the pages. 

  Art Journal Index - Annie Moseley
Step 2 - A girl needs an index! I used a stamp for the large scripty words and the boxes and then added hand drawn elements that represented each section of the book to create the key.
 Step 3 - I've used the toadstool stamps from the Garden Leaves stamp and stencil set on pages I'll be recording challenges and solutions.   Mmmm, I love a 'shroom.  They are water coloured with distress inks.    
Step 4 - Backgrounds -  I've had loads of fun using distress inks and stencils to create some simple backgrounds on pages I'll be using at a later date. 
Step 5  - Targets.  This is my weekly weight loss graph.  It takes me all the way through to Thanksgiving. 
Step 6 - Fun pages: There are a few of these through the book.  This is a copy of a card I was sent with a few added circles  - loved it so had to put it in my little book. 
Step 7- Reminder pages - these are all about doing the things that I love.  Walking by the sea is one of them and something I do almost every day.   
Step 8 - Solve It - this page is all about solving questions that emerge about how losing weight may affect my health as I continue on my journey.    
And that everyone is as far as I've got.  I'm loving the Travellers Notebook concept (Clarence introduced me to it) being able to use inks, stencils, and stamps to create my own designs, and the idea of having a different books for different subjects.  I'm planning one for puzzles, one for favourite poems and one for Yoga.  

Thanks Annie for sharing your Dyalog with us.  I know what Father Christmas will be buying you lol!!! Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off down to Cornwall to see all of Annie's creative journaling, stroll by the sea and head up to Charlestown, somewhere we've aways said we'd go but never have.   Let's hope the rain holds off.  
Ta ta 'till the next time we catch up :-) Cx 


  1. Love Annie's journal, what fun you two girls will have working on these. Thanks for sharing Miss Clare!! Hmmmm sets me to thinking!!! Good Christmas gifts!!

  2. Evening Clare, Wow !! Annie you could have fooled me !! you are a fabulous crafter and this journaling is fantastic, you have covered lots of techniques, I am in awe, an absolutely fabulous start to your 'journaling journey', and Good Luck with your weight loss.
    Clare enjoy your time with Annie, and I hope the weather is kind to you.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  3. Well I did comment yesterday but it didn't seem to go through. Love the journal Annie and I am happy you get to go down to Cornwall Clare. I looked on the site for Charlestown and it is lovely, hope you have a great time exploring!! Take care.

  4. Hi Clare, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Annie's post and the various techniques she used. Do hope you all have a great time in Cornwall and that the weather is kind to you. Take care.
    Margaret A.